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Date : 10.05.2020 Hares: Rolling Stone
OT : Fuhrberg, Königstein (Parking Area)Afterglow
Venue :Trail run on your own, read the notes!
Notes :Trail will be set, run ON ON your own with social distance
Trail will be availabel from 10:30. Run ON ON your own, don‘t do this with someone you don‘t live with. And simply DO NOT FORM GROUPS. Please do not put our group (or the public at large’s health) in danger by doing this together. You can run at your convenience, on Sunday, or even Monday, but bear in mind, that the law still forbids gatherings of more than 2 people. And please don’t open the checks, the hares will have a DD for that... DD-circle by ZOOM, starting at 4 p.m. (16:00). Meeting ID: 736 0615 3764 Passwort: 026858 Sign in with your Hash name. Thank you „Horse“ for that!

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