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Next stop: HANNOVER H3’s X-MAS RUN 2020!

*** P O S T P O N E D (again) to 10.+11. Dec. 2022 ***

An extraordinary Glühwein Crawl through HANNOVER’s Old Town Christmas Market around our Marktkirche that will end in HANNOVER’s oldest ancient Gewölbekeller from the 14th century! Sunday regular Han(g)ONOnover run. Save the date 12.+13. Dec. 2020 - limited to 40 Hashers, registration personally via contact Little Adonis or Salmonella!

Cheers and On On,

Little Adonis and the HANNOVER H3 crew

contact Little Adonis: torsten.g.tesch@EHG.expert.de

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DATE: 30.01.2022
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We need a Hare ! ! !

RUN: 973

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